Hunks In Swimwear – Entirely Non-Halloween Themed

Happy Halloween everyone!

I was out there on the intwerwebz looking for something appropriately themed for today’s posting, but I couldn’t find anything that really grabbed me and had a spooky Halloween feel. So, instead, I’ve gone with this shoot of hunky men for the Rayner┬áSouza swimwear brand. I don’t think you’ll really mind seeing these guys even if they are a little under dressed for this particular holiday.

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Logan Swiecki-Taylor at Rufskin

I know we all love Logan Swiecki-Taylor. Whenever I see a shoot with this guy I have to get it on the blog for you guys to check out, and although there’s not exactly a lot of photos in this collection I don’t think you’ll mind that so much when you see them.

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A Twink Cock Sucking Orgy That Cannot Be Beaten

I know we’re more about the jocks and hunks on the Guys R Us blog, but when I watched this new twink cock sucking orgy video on the Male Reality site I just had to share some of the pics with you guys for this hardcore post. I don’t think you’ll mind that at all, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a twink suck-a-thon like this before!

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Getting Dirty With Andoni Garcia

We’re out in the country for this sexy and gorgeous shoot featuring handsome Spanish male model Andoni Garcia, photographed by Johnny Lopera. This is the first time we’ve seen Andoni Garcia on the blog, but as I have a thing for Spanish men I hope this is not the only shoot I will be able to find starring him.

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Hunky Bad Boy DJ Luca

Okay, I realized after I put bad boy that we really can’t call DJ Luca a “boy” in any way. This guy is a real man, a hunk or immense proportions, the kind of mean looking guy a lot of us lust after. I have to admit that while I might avoid him in a bar (come on, he looks pretty intimidating) I would also be spending my time fantasizing about not avoiding him lol

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Jacking Off With New Jock Scotty

Scotty is a new jock arrival on the Sean Cody site, and one that I had to share with you guys for a hardcore post on here. He has something arrogant and cocky about him, but somehow I think most of you will forget all about that (or just love him even more because of it) when you see him jacking off.

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Antonin By Ethan James

All I know about this stunning male model is that his name is Antonin, but I wish I knew a lot more and could get out there on the net and find some other shoots with the gorgeous guy. He’s been photographed by Ethan James (another new name) for this shoot, and the guy has done a great job of showing off the hot guys body in the perfect way!

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Shia LaBeouf- Crazy or Sexy – or both?

This post might turn out to be a little controversial for some of you. He’s the handsome and increasingly hunky Hollywood star who is set for incredible stardom, but this might be tempered by his “going Sheen”. His name is Shia LaBeouf, and he’s been fueling speculation about his sexuality, as well as his mental health. One thing is for sure, whether he’s into dudes in any way or not, and whether he’s cray-cray or not, he’s sexy!

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Fucked By The FedEx Man!

Okay guys, this new video from the Next Door World site really is the stuff of many fantasies! Conner Maguire is the handsome and hunky FedEx guy making a very special delivery to horny to jock Ryan Knightly, but he gets more than he expected when he asks if he can use his bathroom…

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Hot Gay Porn Stars Showing Off Addicted Underwear

When the Addicted Underwear brand releases another photo shoot you can bet that it’s going to get my attention. They always have some hot young hunks on hand to show off their gear, and that can definitely be said about this hot shoot with some rather delicious young men who seem a little familiar…

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