A Living Statue – Allen Clippinger

There is definitely something very sexy about the Clippinger brothers, but although I love to see them modeling together, I had to get some pics together of Allen when I saw this shoot by David Vance.

Muscled Male Model Allen Clippinger Nude Having studied fine art, I have this appreciation for the classic styles in photography, and I guess in art in general too. So when I see a shoot that seems to emulate the classic photography at the birth of the nude model subject I have this urge to collect them.

Of course, back then, a lot of photographers used the excuse of emulating classic sculpture to get guys and girls naked, but whether it was for self titillation or not, those images remain as classics.

This collection of pics seems to emulate the birth of photography, and with Allen at the center of the scene they do a remarkable job of taking me back to those images of my studies.

He has a classic body, and a classically handsome chiseled face too. He really could be one of those guys posing for a sculptor or a painter.

It’s fair to say I’m a fan of this guy, he’s like the epitome of male perfection for me.

Muscled Male Model Allen Clippinger Nude Allen Clippinger Nude Allen Clippinger Nude Allen Clippinger Naked Allen Clippinger - Underwear Allen Clippinger by David Vance A Living Statue - Allen Clippinger

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