Gorgeous And Hairy – Ian Parker Jerking Off

It’s been almost a week since we had any hardcore action from the Randy Blue site on the blog, but when I checked in there today and saw this gorgeous and hairy hunk playing with his cock I knew he was one you guys would love to see!

This is Ian Parker, a seriously handsome and really delicious hairy guy with a lot of sex appeal. He actually reminds me so much of a guy I used to share my cock with when when I was a teenager, and I guess that’s what first got my attention.

Of course, I always get off on watching another dude jerking off for the fans, and when some toy action is thrown in too it’s just even hotter!

He’s enjoying the delights of a fleshlight in this solo, slicking up his hard cock with slick lube and plunging his shaft deep inside, stroking himself off and building up a hot load.

But this guy isn’t all about the cock, he loves to play with that hairy ass while he’s jerking off too, and I have to admit that I would love to be there to help him. I’d gladly do either, or both – and more too!



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