Muscled Hunk In Underwear

I wish I knew who this hunky muscled model is, but I actually have no idea. But that’s okay I guess, it’s all about appreciating that hot muscle and sexy bulge, and although it would be great to have a name to put to the face I can do without for now! lol

Muscled Hunk In Underwear (1) These pics were taken for 2wink Australia, an underwear and swimwear brand with a focus on the bulge it seems. There are quite a few brands out there that never seem to capture men in the right way when they’re promoting to other men, but this guy and these pics are most definitely suited to the gay male audience.

I can just imagine seeing this muscle hunk walking along the beach, with his impressive package leading the way and giving warning of the rest of him to follow lol

And what a complete package he is too, handsome and so well built you’d have to be the straightest man on the Earth to not find him so incredibly attractive.

Once again I’m thinking about the summer, the beach, and maybe shopping for some new skivvies. And of course, after checking out this awesome body I’ll be forcing myself to have an extra heavy workout tomorrow too!

Muscled Hunk In Underwear (2) Muscled Hunk In Underwear (3) Muscled Hunk In Underwear (4) Muscled Hunk In Underwear (5) Muscled Hunk In Underwear (6) Muscled Hunk In Underwear (7)

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3 Responses to Muscled Hunk In Underwear

  1. terry says:

    His name is Lee Stram.

    • conran says:

      Thanks both of you guys, I appreciate that. I’ll definitely be looking at getting some more pics of this guy on the blog! 😉

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