Hunky Eric Decker

There are only a few reasons for a guy like me to follow any sport in any way. Needless to say it’s mostly about the guys playing it! For instance, I love the French Rugby team (you probably realized that from the numerous mentions and pics on the blog before), but mainly because they all seem to double up as male models. I also love several of the English football players, some Welsh Rugby players, and some of the American football jocks too. Which brings me to Eric Decker!

Hunky Eric Decker (1)

I don’t know anything about this guy other than he plays for the Denver Broncos, and he’s drop dead gorgeous. There are some less than flattering pics out there where his neck is actually wider than his head, but I’ve deliberately chosen some of the hotter pics for this post to really show how gorgeous he is.

If he ever gets tired of being on the field, there is no doubt that there’s a very lucrative modelling career ahead of him too!

Oh, and rumour has it that the hunk Eric Decker is also hung too. I wonder how that got out there? Have a few of his fellow players been checking him out in the showers and felt the need to share? I would be! lol

Hunky Eric Decker (2) Hunky Eric Decker (3) Hunky Eric Decker (4) Hunky Eric Decker (5) Hunky Eric Decker (6) Hunky Eric Decker (7) Hunky Eric Decker (8) Hunky Eric Decker (9)

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