Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff

Okay guys, I need some clarification on this one. We are all more than a little familiar with the gorgeous and studly Russian male model Kirill Dowidoff, and we’ve seen a lot of hot pics of him on the blog over the last few months. But this is Roman Dawidoff, another gorgeous Russian hunk currently setting the blogging world alight with his hot pics for ES Collection. Apparently the guys are friends too!

Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (1) I know what you’re thinking, and that’s what I could use some clarification on. The guys have similar names, they know each other very well, and they are both gorgeous muscle hunks too. So, does this mean they are actually more than just friends?

Okay, that’s probably not the case, but damn I am gonna spend a lot of time imagining that it’s exactly what the deal is here lol

Having one of these guys out there is enough for most of us, but having both, and the thought of them being lovers of some kind too, well that’s just too much for me and I think my brain might explode with lust 😉

Check out the stunning Roman in this shoot for ES Collection, and be assured that we will have more of this hunky stud on the blog in the future. If he and his friend Kirill appear in a shoot together, I will have it on the blog within moments of seeing it lol

Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (2) Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (3) Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (4) Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (5) Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (6) Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (7) Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff (8)

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2 Responses to Muscle Hunk Roman Dawidoff

  1. Bernadette says:

    Roman Dawidoff is one sexy hunk omg he has lovely everything xxx

  2. Steve Lawrence says:

    He is my favorite model bar none. I love his innocent boy like charm in videos.

    NUMBER ONE ( ROMAN) Go guy.

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