More Hunks In Speedos

Okay, so after the post yesterday I had an email from my friend telling me that I don’t have a choice about strutting my stuff in a tight pair of trunks when we go on holiday later this year, and in order for him to show some appreciation for my post of hunky men yesterday he also sent me another collection of photos to share with you all with another gang of men showing it off in some Speedos!

More Hunks In Speedos (1)

I know what you’re thinking, there’s more eroticism in this collection than the one yesterday, but I just had to get that wet cock pic in here and show you it. It totally makes me think of a guy I used to know who we all really lusted after, and one particular incident when he was wearing some white shorts to a BBQ.

I think you can probably imagine what happened. The shy guy seemed to have no idea that his cock was plainly visible in his white shorts when he had a water fight with a couple of girls, and a few of us guys just spent a good hour enjoying the sight of his impressive manhood on show. No one told him about it.

Enjoy the pics! 😉

More Hunks In Speedos (2) More Hunks In Speedos (3) More Hunks In Speedos (4) More Hunks In Speedos (5) More Hunks In Speedos (6) More Hunks In Speedos (7)

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