More Hot Guys In Underwear

I have no idea who these models are, but I do know that this collection of photos by the underwear brand Nelson & Carreras is gaining a lot of attention out there on the net right now. A friend emailed me to share some of these sexy pics, and I have to admit that I am grateful to her for doing so. These pics are really sexy and the guys in them totally hot!

More Hot Guys In Underwear (1) Now, I thought I knew of all the major brands out there capable of producing some hot pics like these, but obviously there are some that I wasn’t entirely aware of. This brand is interesting, not only for their clothing items but the guys they choose to model them and their style of marketing too.

Are they going for a male and female audience in their pics? It certainly seems so, and that might be the perfect way to go too.

There are so many shoots coming out obviously aimed at gay men these days that I sometimes think that the women might be being ignored just a little – it’s obvious that gay men and women are the ones who spend money on men’s underwear, straight guys generally don’t think about these things, right? lol

It’s working on me, I admit that shoots like these with hot guys showing off their bulges is enough to have me checking out some things to buy 😉

More Hot Guys In Underwear (2) More Hot Guys In Underwear (3) More Hot Guys In Underwear (4) More Hot Guys In Underwear (5) More Hot Guys In Underwear (6) More Hot Guys In Underwear (7)

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