Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira

There is a very specific reason why I just had to share these photos of the sexy young smooth jock model Denis Vieira on the blog, and it’s not just because he has a really hot body and a great smile – and a sexy bulge too…

Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira (1)

One of my friends sent me a photo of the guy last month and asked me if I thought he looks like someone we know. And he definitely does. There’s a bar near me where I meet up with friends in the evenings during the summer and one of the bar staff looks so much like Denis Vieira it’s a little unnerving.

I’ve been lusting after that handsome young man since I first saw him there in March, and after a chance encounter side-by-side at the urinals where he showed off his long uncut cock I was even more infatuated with him.

Imagine having a guy who looks so much like this sexy model right there beside you with his dick in his hand! Yes, I propositioned him, and he played me for tips by flirting while keeping his distance 😉

These photos of Denis Vieira are for Revista Junior, taken by Xavier Samré. The only problem with them is that there are not more to drool over!

Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira (2) Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira (3) Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira (4) Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira (5) Smooth Jock Boy Denis Vieira (6)

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