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Manuel Deboxer Feeds His Customer That Juicy Uncut Jock Cock!

If you had Manuel Deboxer as a personal house cleaner, with his fine body and that gorgeous uncut jock cock in his pants, you would be making some inappropriate offers for the guy too, right? Check out this new hot … Continue reading

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Real Hot Jock Sex With Danny Castillo And Joseph

Sculpted hunks Danny Castillo and Joseph are sparring in a boxing lesson for Male Reality when things get a little more horny than you might usually see with such fit and straight acting young men. Both of these guys are … Continue reading


Jock Boner Stroking With New Guy Camden

Happy Monday everyone! I hope the start of your week hasn’t been too traumatizing. If so then I have something you might want to see, something that should cheer you up a little. Check out new guy Camden, stroking his … Continue reading

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Ryan Rose and JP Dubois flip fuck in an amazing locker room gay jock porn scene

Yay! It’s Friday AND it falls on a hardcore gay porn post too! I love it when that happens. I have something pretty hot for you guys in this post, a hardcore gay jock porn scene with two gorgeous guys. … Continue reading

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Everyone Loves Anatoly Goncharov

I know you guys are not going to be getting a calendar in September, but I had to share this with you just because it features the gorgeous male model Anatoly Goncharov, and any chance to see this gorgeous guy … Continue reading

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Sexy Jock Jeff Jacking Off In His Debut

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we need to see Jeff back in a video sharing his amazing cock with another one of the horny jocks on the Sean Cody site. I just watched … Continue reading

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All American Jock Brian Lewis

I wish I could find a lot more of handsome and hunky jock Brian Lewis, but with a name like that a Google search is going to bring back 100 IT consultants in California, 50 aspiring actors, 500 random guys … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Jock Dudes By Tom Saint Clair

Okay guys, I need a list of names in the comments below telling me who each of these gorgeous jock models is. Every one of these guys has me drooling! Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but … Continue reading

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Fit Dude Coty And His Sexy Jock Cock

Have you seen this new arrival on the Sean Cody site? If not, then you need to take a look at these pics from his debut show there and click through to check out his double jack off video. This … Continue reading

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Prepare To Adore Daniel Sisniega

Another new arrival to the Guys R Us blog, Daniel Sisniega has never appeared here before. I probably don’t need to say that I’m going to be looking for a lot more of him after seeing these photos though, right? … Continue reading

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