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Muscled Hunk Stuart Reardon Shows Off That Hot Ass

First of all I have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re now officially in 2014, and I know a lot of you have probably already broken some resolutions. The only one I made for this year is to have more … Continue reading

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Sporty Hunk Nick Youngquest Naked!

I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to sports. In fact, the only time I really bother to show any interest at all is when some hot sportsman is getting naked, or when there’s a sex scandal about to … Continue reading

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Rugby Hunk Kayne Lawton

I’ve been known to get a little bit butch occasionally. I know, saying that removes any butch points I might have gained, but I don’t care! One of the main reasons is actually just to get close to the masculine … Continue reading