Gorgeous Alexi Auclair

Alexi Auclair is one of those guys who just makes my mouth water when I see him, everything about him just makes me want him so bad!

Sexy Hunk Alexi AuclairFirst off, the dude is so incredibly good looking that smile could make anyone melt. He could ask me to have my toes surgically removed and I’d do it if he smiled. No, I don’t know where that came from, so don’t ask. lol

He has a perfect pair of balls and a really delicious looking cock too, but I have a question… is he uncut or just generously circumcised? (Not that I think any circumcision could be considered “generous”)

I love that hairy chest, just the right level of scrub for me to run my fingers through and really enjoy. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m about to go and sign up again to that site (I used to be a member there), I have to watch this dude stroking that meaty cock of his and blowing a good load of cum over himself! Incidentally, the site describes that as “explodes all over himself”, really looking forward to that! 🙂


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