Josh Ohl – Hunk Teasing

Some guys really know how to push buttons and tease. Quite often you’ll find them on the podiums in the clubs, or in front of a camera, holding back just at the limit of nudity.

Josh Ohl Josh Ohl is one of those guys who knows how to work the camera, and knows when to stop to maintain some hot mystery. Even in the images where you can see more of his cock, it’s done so tastefully and cautiously that it’s somehow even hotter!

But any image of Josh is intensely hot in my opinion. He just has that perfect look about him, with incredible good looks, an awesome body, a great tight butt and a hot bulge too. And I know I’m not alone in my adoration of this jock, there are plenty of posts out there featuring the dude, although most only have the same pics over and over again. So I thought I’d add to that by pinching some pics from those blogs and adding them here for you guys to enjoy – just in case you’d managed to completely miss the hundreds of posts out there featuring the gorgeous jock hunk 😉

If you know where any more of his full-frontal nude pics are, please comment and let me know too!

Josh Ohl Josh Ohl

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  1. i have another full frontal of him standing up.

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