Crazy Hot – Arthur Sales! Photographed By Greg Vaughan

When I first started going to the gym, it was solely because a really hot straight guy I knew invited me. And Arthur Sales totally looks like him. You wouldn’t miss that kind of opportunity right?

Arthur Sales by Greg Vaughan This guy is totally hot. Dripping with sexuality. He’s stunningly gorgeous in my opinion, and everything about him is delicious.

The guy I knew really looks like him, so when I saw this model on another blog I had to dig a little deeper to make sure it wasn’t the guy I know.

I guess Arthur Sales could be described as your typical American jock boy, with a lean and tight muscled body and some classically handsome good looks. But he has a lot of attitude in these pics, showing his confidence as he totally rocks a pair of Calvin’s for photographer Greg Vaughan. Of course, I’m a horny dude, and seeing this guy in those white briefs with a totally hot bulge that just looks so temping has me transfixed lol

Now, on my search I did find a cock pic, but although it’s on a blog with his name under the image there’s nothing to say that it’s actually his dick in the pic. It’s a shame, because I’m sure a whole lot of you would love to see this guy naked. I would too, but I at least have the memories of seeing my buddy naked in the showers at the gym 😉

Arthur Sales by Greg Vaughan Arthur Sales by Greg Vaughan

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