Mean Looking Muscle Hunk Mason Shows Off

We all have our specific taste in men don’t we? Although I have some specifics I still love all kinds of men, but one of my turn-on’s is the mean looking dude.

Muscle Hunk Mason at Randy Blue Mason is one of those guys who has a perfectly mean look about him. Although he’s not covered in ink, he does have a few piercings, and the snarly grin he gives the camera as he shows off in this shoot from the guys at Randy Blue is what really had me interested.

I knew a guy who could give that kind of look, and it always led to some really intense sex within just a couple of minutes. It was like an unspoken code and couldn’t be ignored. If he looked at me like that I knew he wanted it right there and right then.

I don’t think there are any men reading this who wouldn’t immediately drop to their knees if Mason gave them this look. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate!

This was Mason’s first shoot over on the site, and he did a really great job of sharing his big and beefy muscled body, and his delicious cock too. It’s back in the archive there, but it’s a hot shoot to check out!


Muscle Hunk Mason at Randy Blue Muscle Hunk Mason at Randy Blue

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