Bosnian Male Model Tarik Kaljanac

While it might be true that I love offering some nudity and hardcore on the blog here, often a male model catches my eye and I’m compelled to add him. That’s what happened when I found these sexy pics of Tarik Kaljanac.

Tarik Kaljanac The guy is just delicious. He has such a handsome face, and that body is just perfect, with a little sexy fur here and there and a whole lot of delicious muscle to appreciate.

The Bosnian male model really hit the blogging world a while ago when he won the title of Mr Universe Model in 2010, and I guess a lot of guys out there were eager to share his hot body with their readers.

Now the dust has settled a little, it’s time to revisit this hottie and share some great pics by photographer Sam Scott Schiavo, snapping the gorgous young man in some teasing D&G underwear.

I have to admit that I don’t normally go for guys with a mustache, but he wears it pretty well. Especially in shots like this where we get to see all that perfect fuzz leading down to the waistband of his underwear.

Imagine standing in close behind him and sliding your hands down that body, over that fur and under that waistband… hmmm

Tarik Kaljanac Tarik Kaljanac

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  1. He is very hot indeed. Sexy / suave with the moustache. And the large hairy nipples are to die for.

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