Youthful Jock Tommy Herd

I love those guys who look younger than they are. Yeah, we all hope that we’ll look 25 when we’re 40 right? lol Tommy Herd might look like he’s in his teens, but this hottie is actually in his mid-twenties!

Gorgeous young male model Tommy Herd The gorgeous young male model with the teenage fresh face and immaculate muscled body actually started off as hockey player in Canada. Yeah, I always though Hockey players were pretty hot, but this guy is just totally delicious!

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately – for us at least) the fact that he suffered one too many bonks on the head forced him to give up the game, and from there he went into male modeling. Yeah, I guess it’s kind of strange for a hockey player to go into modeling. I mean, although I find so many of them gorgeous, they’re not exactly known for having a hot smile 😉

But this boy certainly has everything needed to be in front of the cameras, and I guess that’s why so many top names have hired him to present their brand in some really hot advertising, including Ralph Lauren and American Eagle. They could certainly do a lot worse than handsome and hot Tommy!

Handsome young hunk Tommy Herd Hot Model Tommy Herd

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