The Awesome Muscle Jock Body of Tyler McPeak

So there’s this gay coffee place I sometimes go to when I’m visiting a friend, and they have this stack of old mags for the customers to go through. I was sat there with my buddy, flicking through a mag while I tried to listen to him droning on about something inconsequential, and then I spotted Tyler McPeak.

Muscle Jock Tyler McPeak Holy crap I wanted to abandon my friend and run to the bathroom to share some alone time with the gorgeous young muscle jock! lol

But that would have been rude, so instead I invited my friend into my little fantasy world and we spent a few minutes drooling of the pics of the gorgeous boy.

Having got home after way too much coffee, I was quickly on the internet looking for some more pics of this handsome hottie with the sexy bod. And I found these great erotic shots by photographer Bell Soto.

They actually have that kind of hot classic “Athletic Model Guild” look about them, don’t you think? I love those shots with straining muscles and some teasing bulges.

These are now in my permanent collection, and I’m back on the hunt for more of this incredibly sexy dude. Let me know if you have any tips on where I could find some more of him!

Sexy Underwear Pose with Tyler McPeak Tyler McPeak getting Naked

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  1. Love to suck u all guys fuckme i am wating in mumbai India. send me your pics

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