Handsome and Built – Lance Lamar

If you could mix some skills to make the perfect man, what would you choose? I wouldn’t say “pilot” and “fitness model” would automatically go hand in hand, but for Lance Lamar they seem to!

Lance Lamar Forget what he does for a living, because the only thing that really interests me about this guy being a commercial airline pilot is the sight of him in a uniform. The real interest for me is the fact that he’s a really gorgeous male model working in the fitness field. He actually came to that after he started chasing his flying career, seeing it as an opportunity to pay for his ongoing education. It obviously worked, because now the handsome and hunky dude is doing both.

I love a guy who reveals just a little and likes to tease. I guess shots like these show that he has the confidence to do it, but prefers to hold something back. I think it works too, because it really highlights the fact that he so good looking and that he has such an amazing body to go with it.

Of course, I really wouldn’t mind seeing some totally butt naked shots too, I thought I’d clarify that just in case a reader out there knows where there might be any 😉

Lance Lamar Naked Lance Lamar Nude

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