Rugby Hunk Kayne Lawton

I’ve been known to get a little bit butch occasionally. I know, saying that removes any butch points I might have gained, but I don’t care! One of the main reasons is actually just to get close to the masculine hunks, men like Kayne Lawton!

Muscled Rugby Hunk Kayne Lawton I’ve been known to take part in some sports with very little interest in the game at all, just because I love to be around other hot guys, the kind of men you don’t really find out there in the club scene. I like my men a little bit rough and mean, and believe it or not, I get plenty of action from these same kinds of guys, even if they’re straight and sporty dudes.

That’s why I love the straight sport hunks like Kayne Lawton who are willing to get their kit off and share their bods with the fans out there for a good cause. This Australian hottie has gotten naked for calendars raising money for Breast Cancer charities. You know, like the French Rugby team have every year for a decade now too.

It has to be one of the best things about New Year. I wonder if I can arrange it so my friends each get me a calendar for all the teams who release one? lol

Australian Rugby Player Kayne Lawton Kayne Lawton Naked


  1. OMG!!!!!! Kayne Lawton is sooooooooo hotttttttt!!!!!!!!! Look at that hot bod!!!!!!! He reminds me of a hot sexyt kid I'd like to have sex with and rub his muscles Connor O'Girk from Bayshore Middle School in Leonardoville,NJ!!!!!!!!! He is the sexiest athlete of all-time in my opinion!!!!!! Like Connor O'Girk he has sexy hair sexy eyes and a sexy bod!!!!!!! If I could I'd say to Connor O'Girk take your shirt off and do the thing that makes you swet the most!!!!!!!!! Then when he was done I would have sex with him and rub his muscles!!!!!! Now with Kayne Lawton I'd do that with no problem even if I were to get in trouble!!!!!!

  2. He has such a cute inoscent face to!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

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