Jock Muscle – Brock Harris

Ever since I was a teen I’ve had a thing for the all-American jock look of those gorgeous college boys. I know, perhaps it’s a little predictable. But considering I knew a lot of sporty guys like Brock Harris when I was in my younger years is it really any surprise?

Brock Harris - Handsome and sexy I know it goes back to all those days of looking forward to the locker room and showers, when I didn’t know why I got hard seeing all those jock muscle boys naked. But although my taste in men has varied over the years to include plenty of bearish dudes and rough muscle guys, I still have a sweet spot for those handsome boys with lots of smooth muscle and a perfectly peachy bubble butt!

I was checking out some of the pics I have in my expansive “male model appreciation collection” (yes, I actually do have a collection – for my screensaver) I rediscovered the deliciously hunky muscle jock Brock Harris.

He really does remind me of about three guys I knew way back when (okay, it wasn’t SOOO long ago!), and just seeing him in some of these poses takes me right back to those evenings swimming with the guys, the towel snapping, the damp smell of the locker room, the banter, the carefully hidden boners (not just mine) and plenty more besides… oh, those were the days! (again, not so long ago! lol)

Brock Harris - Skinny Dipping Next? Brock Harris Brock Harris - Hot Muscled Bod Handsome Brock Harris Gorgeous Jock Model Brock Harris Muscle Jock Brock Harris Brock Harris - Underwear


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