Sporty Hunk Nick Youngquest Naked!

I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to sports. In fact, the only time I really bother to show any interest at all is when some hot sportsman is getting naked, or when there’s a sex scandal about to break. You know, every time I hear a story about some footballer being caught sending his cock pics to someone I cross my fingers and chant “please let it be a dude!” You know it’s gonna happen one day, but I guess they’re all too careful! lol

So speaking of sportsmen getting nude, check out sporty hunk Nick Youngquest getting naked!

Nick Youngquest Naked (1) Like I said, I like to pay a little more attention when I know there’s a really hot straight athlete getting his kit off. And it seems that Nick Youngquest knows where his fan-base is when he decided to take his kit off for Attitude magazine!

Yes, before you ask, the Australian rugby ace is married, to a woman. I know *sigh*, if only one of us could have got to him before her things might have been entirely different! 😉

But, even though he’s (presumably) entirely straight, and happily married, he knows that there are a lot of guys out there who lust after him, and it seems he doesn’t have any problems teasing the boys either.

Check out the few pics from Attitude that I could find, and a few other hot professional teasing shots thrown in too.

Nick Youngquest Naked (2) Nick Youngquest Naked (3) Nick Youngquest Naked (4) Nick Youngquest Naked (5) Nick Youngquest Naked (6) Nick Youngquest Naked (7)

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