Getting Hot – Kerry Degman Naked!

Okay, we have a lot of hardcore on the blog already, and we have a great mix of deliciously teasing guys from the male modeling world too. I think it’s pretty common for guys like us to imagine some really gorgeous men appearing in porn, and for me one of those guys is the hunky muscle jock Kerry Degman.

Although we’ve had some shots of Kerry Degman on the blog before, when I found some sexier pics I had to get them up on the blog too.

When I found these shots of this hottie a few weeks ago butt naked, with his sexy jock ass on show, I was instantly imagining him in a hardcore video on a site.

I don’t think that will ever happen (and if it has and I happened to miss it I hope someone will tell me here!) but it’s so nice to sit back and imagine something like that isn’t it?

So these pics might help you picture what that scene might be like as he poses for the cameras, slowly stripping out of his clothes to show off that youthful muscled torso. Then down to his bulging underwear that suggests he has a lot to share, then sliding them off to reveal it all…

Okay, I think I might need to go and have a cold shower. Enjoy the pics while I continue my little fantasy in private! lol


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  1. Kerry is a fashion top model, not a porn star, he would never do porn. He is straight anyway.
    We can always fantasize about him though. ;)

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