Cuban Muscle – William Levy

William Levy is one of those guys I’ve seen a few times and always imagine doing porn. I know, I’m bad. But come on, check out that bod and that gorgeous face and tell me you wouldn’t love to see this Cuban hunk doing something dirty on video! lol

Cuban Muscle - William Levy (1) Unfortunately, I don’t think this guy has done any nude shots at all, and believe me I have most definitely looked for them! If they exist, I will find them, but so far I’ve found nothing lol

But then again, I’m happy to see this handsome young hunk appearing in some sexy and seductive images like these.

I guess a lot of you know that William Levy is both a model and a pretty successful actor too. He’s gone from working on movies and appearing in front of the cameras for some very talented photographers to being an all-round TV personality, which seems to be the natural progression of celebrity life these days.

I guess the only thing he hasn’t done is music. How many celebs go from one thing to another like that, and how many release a single that flops? lol

He’s sexy, handsome, and straight too – unfortunately. But still, worth enjoying!

Cuban Muscle - William Levy (2) Cuban Muscle - William Levy (3) Cuban Muscle - William Levy (4) Cuban Muscle - William Levy (5) Cuban Muscle - William Levy (6) Cuban Muscle - William Levy (7)




  1. u should look harder, cuz i almost gave up b4 i found some really good ones, & i was able 2 save them. i'll never have 2 look 4 porn ever again. isn't he just perfect looking. for me the holy trinity are wiliam levy, tim tebow, and joel mchale. joel mchale cuz i love irish fellas.

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