Muscle Jocks In Underwear – Anton Antipov & Chris R

So, we all love some sexy bulge pics, right? I have a thing about underwear, I love pics like these that really show off some really sexy guys in very little. And although they don’t really show a whole lot of what they’re packing, they’re still horny to see!

Anton Antipov and Chris R are the men in these pics, with Anton being the larger muscle jock of the two and Chris being the sexy and handsome lad with bulges in all the right places.

Although Anton seems to have a little cup or something protecting his modesty in his shots, I’m not sure that the handsome muscle jock Chris has gone for the same option.

Check out the pic of the hot guy in the black underwear and you get the idea that he’s showing quite a lot more than his fellow model!

Don’t you just love teasing and erotic shots like this? They don’t tell you everything, but they offer enough to tease just a little and get you all hot under the collar.

Modeling underwear really has come a long way since I was a teen beating my meat to the hot guys in the clothing catalogs with the shapes of their manhood just about visible lol


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