Muscle Jock Stefan Gatt

There is no denying that some men in the male modeling world really are like the stereotype of a particular man. You get plenty of the young slim boys being the twinks in fashion, and loads of really hunky muscle jock guys being the “fitness” models too. And when I found Stefan Gatt I knew he was one of those muscle jock guys I had to share here.

Stefan Gatt (1) He’s pretty handsome, and although he does look like any one of a thousand other muscled male models, reality TV hunks, wannabe celebs and so on, he is gorgeous!

Some guys like him might have the body, but they don’t have the face. Or they might have the face too, and just have no chemistry in front of the camera. Stefan Gatt seems to have it all from the handsome good looks to the impressive bulges and the attitude to go with it when he’s posing.

From what I’ve discovered about this young man, that body is built from plenty of work in the gym, and plenty of grappling on the mat as a wrestler too. Okay, I’m gonna say it… this muscle jock can wrestle me to the floor any time he likes! lol

Stefan Gatt (2) Stefan Gatt (3) Stefan Gatt (4) Stefan Gatt (5) Stefan Gatt (6) Stefan Gatt (7) Stefan Gatt (8) Stefan Gatt (9)


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