Brandon Bass – Muscle Jock Model

Okay guys, I think this gorgeous young muscle jock model is gonna be rising to the top of your favorites list if you don’t know about him already! His name is Brandon Bass, and he gorgeous, seriously built, and hot as hell!

Muscle Jock Model (1) I was talking to one of my buddies a couple of weeks ago while we were at the gym, and I wanted to know who his idols in the bodybuilding world were. There are a few names that the guy loves to throw out there when he gets the chance, but I’d never heard of Brandon Bass before.

So, my bodybuilder buddy is bisexual, and most of the time his idol worship isn’t sexual at all. He’s more into younger and leaner guys than a lot of the hulking men in the bodybuilding circuit when it comes to lust. But he admits that when he sees Brandon Bass it’s not all about appreciating his talents in the sport.

For my buddy, Brandon Bass has a lot of what he loves in a muscle jock model, and the fact that he’s into bodybuilding too is just the bonus that put him on my buddy’s radar.

I’m not normally that into real muscled guys when it comes to being turned on, but this hunk could slam me around the room and I really wouldn’t mind at all!

Muscle Jock Model (2) Muscle Jock Model (3) Muscle Jock Model (4) Muscle Jock Model (5) Muscle Jock Model (6) Muscle Jock Model (7)

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