Amateur Muscle Guys Self Pics

I thought it was about time we had some more delicious men showing off, amateur muscle guys especially. It seems that a lot of readers out there like to see guys self pics, snapping photos of themselves in their bathroom mirrors or on their webcams, or being caught on cam by a horny friend who spots an opportunity, and I have to confess that checking these guys out can become a little addictive!

Guys Self Pics (1) I was on the net this afternoon checking out some of the guys self pics and amateur shots out there and I thought I’d better grab some of the best ones for you guys to appreciate too. So these ones are some of the hottest I’ve found so far, and I’m not leaving anything out to be timid or shy.

If they’re showing cock, I’m not holding back! lol

All of these guys are gorgeous, and a few of them have some truly awesome muscle going on (not to mention the cock!) They might not all be bodybuilders or massively built, but I’m not into the guys who are too muscled anyway. In my opinion, a lot of these guys could be models or porn stars, and for all I know some of them might be already.

These are the kinds of amateur muscle guys who will either make you want to get your camera out, or make you want to go to the gym. For me, they make me want to do both. 😉

Guys Self Pics (2) Guys Self Pics (3) Guys Self Pics (4) Guys Self Pics (5) Guys Self Pics (6) Guys Self Pics (7) Guys Self Pics (8) Guys Self Pics (9)

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