Todd Sanfield Nude By Rick Day

Does anyone photograph the male nude as well as Rick Day? I’m fascinated by his style, and his consistency when it comes to how he captures men in all their magnificent glory. He somehow manages to convince some of the biggest male models in the business to get naked in front of his cameras, and the results are always noteworthy – like this shoot capturing Todd Sanfield nude!

Todd Sanfield Naked (1) If you’ve never seen Rick Day’s work, you might not know that he’s responsible for some of the most intensely erotic photo shoots of some of the hottest names in the male modeling world, and that he often gets them in some full-frontal shots too. But this collection of shots featuring Todd Sanfield nude are a little more teasing and subtle.

The man is so handsome and sexy, he just oozes lust when you look at photographs like these, but it’s done with so much style and class it cannot possibly be considered porn.

I love how Rick Day shoots guys like this, as though we’ve just walked in to watch the guy wake up, and that last shot is almost like we’ve caught him in time just before he starts to appreciate his morning glory! lol

Todd Sanfield Naked (2) Todd Sanfield Naked (3) Todd Sanfield Naked (4) Todd Sanfield Naked (5) Todd Sanfield Naked (6) Todd Sanfield Naked (7)

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