Mens Australian Olympic Swimming Team

Do you ever see a lineup of men and do that thing in your head – “would, wouldn’t, would, maybe – if I was drunk, definitely, wouldn’t…”? I do that quite often, and when I saw this collection of pics of the delicious Australian Olympic Swimming Team it was the one word going through my head all the way through – “definitely would!”

This is perhaps the only reason to watch the Olympics in my opinion. Well, this and the mens gymnastics of course!

The guys are so hot, and the fact that they wear so little in their competitions obviously helps. You have to wonder if they are aware of the attention they get from the gay male audience though, and whether they enjoy it or not.

But come on, how many of the pro swimmers are actually gay anyway?

I know I shouldn’t say it, but I think we all know that a lot of sports men are closet cases or secretly bi.

I don’t care though, I’m happy to just appreciate them and their sport whether they’re gay or straight. All of them are totally fit and definitely deserve some cheering when they get to London to compete. Forget national pride, I’m rooting for the hunkiest men! lol

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