Thom Evans Naked!

Okay, after the post a couple of days ago with the gorgeous young muscled Rugby player Thom Evans on the blog I discovered that he’d posed for the Rugby Calendar Dieux Du Stade – yes folks, I have pics of Thom Evans naked!

Thom Evans Naked (1) We already knew that the guy was gorgeous, and we obviously already knew that he’s hot as hell and has an awesome body.

Well, know we also know that he has a meaty and delicious uncut cock that plenty of us horny guys would love to get to play with!

The calendars always get me horny, and the guy they choose to appear in these shots are always awesome. But the fact that they had Thom Evans naked and alongside his equally hot brother too is just too much to take!

As some others have hinted, perhaps it’s about time he took the leap and just went all out for some solo gay porn, putting on an awesome show for his gay fans? I think it’ fair to say that if he ever made that leap from posing naked to getting it up and getting himself off he would have an automatic fan base ready to hand over their cash to see more lol

I don’t think he ever will, but just seeing Thom Evans naked is enough for me. The guy is hot as hell!

Thom Evans Naked (2) Thom Evans Naked (3) Thom Evans Naked (4) Thom Evans Naked (5) Thom Evans Naked (6) Thom Evans Naked (7) Thom Evans Naked (8) Thom Evans Naked (9)

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