Andrew Edward Skelton – Hung Male Model

I don’t care if you’re into hairy guys or not, there cannot be a single guy checking out this blog who would not want to get it on with the immensely hung male model Andrew Edward Skelton!

Hung Male Model (1) I am into hairy men, within reason. But even if I weren’t I would be all over this hot guy like lube in a massage parlor.

I don’t actually think I focus that much on a guys junk. For me it’s all about the whole package. A guy could have the thickest, longest and most delicious dick on the planet and if the rest of him is a turn off I have no interest at all.

But Andrew Edward Skelton is definitely the whole package, and then some!

This guy is real sporty too, as you can probably tell from his build. From what I know he works out several times a week, practices martial arts, is a designer, photographer and makeup artists too… I guess all of that keeps him pretty busy!

Now, I don’t think this guy has done porn. But if any guy should be in porn, it’s him! Can you imagine him sharing that thing on video with another guy?! I’m not sure my nuts could take seeing this hung male model giving that boner to someone! lol

Hung Male Model (2) Hung Male Model (3) Hung Male Model (4) Hung Male Model (5) Hung Male Model (6) Hung Male Model (7)

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