Handsome Muscle Boy Tyler Davin

I don’t think you need to be very clever to know that Tyler Davin is dedicated to his body and that he treats it as a temple. He started early too, working out from when he was a teen and always being active and sporty. It definitely shows in his immense body!

The handsome hottie was discovered back in 2007 by a guy who managed to convince him that he was model material. It’s obvious that the guy was right too, because since then Tyler Davin has added that career to his already impressive roster of skills.

The guy is a personal trainer and nutritionist alongside his modeling career, but being photographed by men like Rick Day and Bruno Rand really shot him into the limelight.

In 2008 he was chosen for the cover of DNA magazine, where these hot shots come from, and he was soon being hired to appear in several underwear shoots and editorials too.

I know my taste in men is pretty varied, and I can appreciate hairy guys as well as smooth men, muscle hunks and more lean sporty type guys, but Tyler Davin is like perfection in my opinion.

Handsome, successful, built, healthy and with a sexy package too!

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