Blue Collar Hunks

I heard from a friend today who is currently having some work done in the street right outside his apartment. The noise doesn’t bother him, the dust isn’t a big deal, the traffic hasn’t really changed… what is driving him crazy is the three blue collar hunks he spies right outside his office window all day long!

Blue Collar Hunks (1) It got me thinking about some of the really hot and sexy images I have of blue collar hunks showing off their bods, and a lot more too, and what it is about them that gets me hard and horny.

I think a lot of us have the same attraction to men like that, the raw masculinity and sexuality of those guys is pretty intense.

Although I’ve asked my buddy to get some pics of the hunks outside his window, he has been reluctant. I think he wants to keep them for himself! But I do have my own collection of hot and sexy blue collar hunks to share with you in this post, with some more nudity than my buddy is likely to get from his temporary guests – unless they haul out their junk to take a leak right outside his office, but that’s a little fantasy of his that I wont go into! lol

Blue Collar Hunks (2) Blue Collar Hunks (3) Blue Collar Hunks (4) Blue Collar Hunks (5) Blue Collar Hunks (6) Blue Collar Hunks (7) Blue Collar Hunks (8)

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  1. Great site --hot men --Love the guy with big man nipples, how i'd love to suck on them while he plowed my arse hole. xxxxx

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