Hairy Male Model Jordan

Self promotion doesn’t always fail, and when you have an awesome hairy muscled body like pro model Jordan I guess it can really work well for you! From what I know about this awesomely sexy hunk he manages everything himself, and he’s done some remarkable things too!

Hairy Male Model Jordan (1) The guy has worked all over the world, appearing in photoshoots for magazines, editorials and fashion, worked with photographers of all kinds including appearing in some photography books too.

He’s been an extra on the screen, worked with Lady Gaga and done just about everything you can imagine when it comes to modeling. But, I don’t think he’s done porn…

I could be wrong of course, plenty of male models go into porn under an assumed name, and he has the kind of body and confidence you can imagine would really appeal to the hardcore audience.

These pics are by H2H-images, and they are so sexy and teasing! I would love to see some more full-on nudity though. I know not all male models are open to all of that, but you have to admit that seeing this guy in some real action or even just nude shoots would be amazing!

The best thing about him has to be that natural hairy bod he has. It’s great to see hairy guys being successful in modeling instead of all the smooth and gym-buff stereotype guys or the skinny little twinks we’re used to.

Hairy Male Model Jordan (2) Hairy Male Model Jordan (3) Hairy Male Model Jordan (4) Hairy Male Model Jordan (5) Hairy Male Model Jordan (6)

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