Muscled Daddy Fernando Glauter

I know it might a little disappointing that there are only three images of the hunky and hairy stunner Fernando Glauter in this post, but I really wanted to share him on the blog with you guys. I didn’t want you to miss out on this hunk just because there are only three pics of the stud!

Muscled Daddy Fernando Glauter This hunk is another one of those guys who really makes me think about what my ideal man would be. I know it’s hard to make that kind of decision, especially for a guy like me who likes all kinds of guys from slim twinks to muscled bears and daddies, but I think Fernando Glauter would have to be on my list of guys I would love to meet one day!

This dude is intense, really hunky with his hot muscled physique and that bearded manly face of his.

But check out those “come to bed” eyes he has. Doesn’t he look like he’s daring you to come closer and make a move? He could probably bend me over and spank my ass without me being able to fight him off, but I wouldn’t want to fight him off!

Why did I even get to spanking? There’s plenty of other things I would love to do with this hunk! lol

Muscled Daddy Fernando Glauter Muscled Daddy Fernando Glauter

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