Naked Soccer Boys!

Okay guys, this one is going to get a lot of you thinking that you need to be joining a sports team out there somewhere. It’s certainly made me consider signing up for something sporty! You’ve no doubt seen the hunky French Rugby players taking their kit off for their annual calendar, well now we have some hot Spanish Soccer players doing it too!

Naked Soccer Boys (1) I’m all for it I have to say. The more nudity there is out there amongst the sportsmen the better life will be – as long as there are cameras around to capture the scene of course.

The name of this project is “Pedra E Auga 2013”, the calendar for the coming year starring the boys of the Spanish Verín Club de Fútbol.

I think we can all agree that if there is one place on Earth we would love to be at any given hour of the day it would be these boys locker room! lol

It has to be said that they have a way to go though. While these naked soccer boys are stunningly gorgeous and sexy, they haven’t yet gone the full nude route that the French Rugby men have. Did you see any of the videos for their calendars?! Wowza! lol

Naked Soccer Boys (2) Naked Soccer Boys (3) Naked Soccer Boys (4) Naked Soccer Boys (5) Naked Soccer Boys (6) Naked Soccer Boys (7) Naked Soccer Boys (8)

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