Muscled Cam Hunk D.Licious

We’ve had some hot and sexy shots of the handsome and ripped D.Licious on the blog before, but when I was checking out the action on the Cam With Him site today I found these pics and realized I hasn’t shared them with you. So, here you go!

Muscled Cam Hunk D.Licious (1)

The hot hunk gave everyone on the forum there a little bit of a fright recently when he created a thread suggesting he was quitting the site and moving on. Needless to say plenty of his fans were panicked, clicking it and then finding that he was just seeking some attention and teasing everyone.

Instead of leaving, he was sharing these really sexy shots of himself in his bulging underwear. Like he needs to make that kind f thread to get attention! All he needed to do was say that there were underwear shots in there than the fans would have been clicking in to see them in their droves! lol

They are great pics, really horny, and it shows why this cam hunk is so popular too. Can you imagine watching him strutting his stuff and showing off all of his delicious bulges especially for you?

I can, I’ve been there, and the guy is HOT!


Muscled Cam Hunk D.Licious (2) Muscled Cam Hunk D.Licious (3) Muscled Cam Hunk D.Licious (4)


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