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I have a question for you… if you knew a hot straight friend of yours had uploaded some cock pics to the net, would you waste a day or two looking for them? Is it a little stalkerish to be out there searching for his gallery on the sites wanting to see him hard? I’ll tell you why I ask this in a moment, first, enjoy this naked man, and then enjoy the others below too…

Naked Men Pics (1) Now, you might be wondering why I would ask you such a question. I found out yesterday through a mutual friend that a buddy of mine lost his job as a lifeguard because the place he worked found out that he’d been sharing jerk off pics on the net.

This guy is straight, and totally hot as hell. He’s inked, muscled, a real handsome straight jock that any gay guy would want to get some action with.

I know he’s pretty hung too, because I’ve seen him in the showers at the gym.

This mutual friend says the guy has a whole gallery of pics on the net of him showing off his cock rock hard, jerking it, and cumming all over himself too. So, wouldn’t you want to see those pics?

If you can imagine the hottest straight guy you know, and then imagine that he has a jerk off gallery out there on the net. Wouldn’t you be looking for it too?

I have been searching, but so far I haven’t found him. I’ll give it another go and then I think I’ll just text him and see if he’ll send me the link!  lol

Naked Men Pics (2) Naked Men Pics (3) Naked Men Pics (4) Naked Men Pics (5) Naked Men Pics (6)


  1. Can i hump your dick

  2. I've been given the shaft.

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