Hairy Muscle Man Steve Kelso

I love making posts all about a specific man in hardcore. And for this one I had to choose the hairy muscle man Steve Kelso from COLT to share with you after I got a promo pack of pics of the guy. This is a real man, with an awesome body and an equally awesome cock to go with it too!

The classics are some of the best, and having watched this hunk showing off and really playing with his own dick in some classic solo porn I have become more than a little bit of a fan of the guy.

The porn world is so saturated with smooth jocks and twinks these days that a site like COLT can get a great following of fans who are into real men like this, and I think that’s why it’s one of my favorites for solo hardcore scenes of guys just enjoying their own bodies.

But of course, there’s more to it than that. There’s a lot of man-on-man action on the site too, going back into the good old days when smooth jocks were rare and hairy muscle was the norm.

Definitely check out the site if you get off on this hairy muscle man, he’s one of many, but definitely one of the hottest to watch in my opinion!


Colt studio videos


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