Sexy Sailor Boys

I know this post might really annoy some of you more sensitive guys out there. There are some amongst us who hate the whole “sailor boy” thing, and while I would normally be one who hates it too, I cannot help but love this shoot featuring Paulo D., Lucas C., Natan S., and Diego Amaral (I don’t know why he gets a full name mention and the others don’t) for Glad Magazine.

Sexy Sailor Boys (1) If you’ve seen a lot of that military porn that’s out there, with real sailors and military guys getting it on in front of the cameras (and believe me, I have seen a lot of it lol) the reality is not as perfectly buff and handsome as these shoots tend to make out.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always hot to see a sexy guy in uniform enjoying himself on video – but it goes without saying that if they were all male models thy probably wouldn’t choose the military over making a lot of money in New York or Paris, right? lol

Anyway, enough of my nonsense, enjoy these sexy young men and their delicious bodies, and appreciate the somewhat stereotypical sail;or boy scene, I think we can forgive this slight annoyance for these sexy young men 😉

Sexy Sailor Boys (2) Sexy Sailor Boys (3) Sexy Sailor Boys (4) Sexy Sailor Boys (5) Sexy Sailor Boys (6)

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