Hot Hunks In Speedos

I was making plans with a friend of mine to go on holiday for a week in the summer, just to the coast, and we got onto the subject of Speedos. I don’t know how these things happen, but we always seem to end up discussing something hot and horny over our coffee meetings. So, of course, when I got home I was out there on the net looking for some hot hunks in Speedos to share on the blog in a post for you guys 😉

Hot Hunks In Speedos (1) I have no clue at all who any of these guys are, but these are some of the men I have managed to find showing off their gorgeous bodies and their sexy bulges in some of what I like to call “Budgie Smugglers” lol

It’s a great mix of guys, all handsome and hot to look at, and all with some sexy bulge action going on. They’re obviously proud of what they have to show, and although I was starting to imagine myself walking along the beech in some of these I am now starting to feel just a little inadequate 😉

Will I join my friend and show off like these guys? Probably not. Some offensively flowery Bermuda shorts are more my style!

Hot Hunks In Speedos (2) Hot Hunks In Speedos (3) Hot Hunks In Speedos (4) Hot Hunks In Speedos (5) Hot Hunks In Speedos (6) Hot Hunks In Speedos (7)


  1. these men are so hot I just want to touch them they are my role modles I just love guys in speedoes

  2. go ahead - go for it - show off your bulge or make a profitable bulge for the trip

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