More Of Russian Hunk Anton Agat

Although there are not masses of photos of the gorgeous Anton Agat for this post, I couldn’t hold myself back and not share these great pics with you guys, especially not after sharing those last photos of him showing off his great jock ass in a previous post!

More Of Russian Hunk Anton Agat (1) The guy is already being called a “super model”. I don’t know how a guy qualifies as being described in that way, but after that previous shoot and these photos too I’m thinking that I agree with that definition entirely.

The guy is so handsome, and he has an amazing body. The best part about him has to be his butt though, and although we don’t get to see a whole lot of it again in this shoot it’s almost all I can think about. Check out that shot of his butt sticking out!

I will have to get out there on the net some time and try to track down some more information about him, and maybe find some more shoots featuring him too. There must be a lot more out there if he’s already considered to be such a big name in the male modeling world.

Enjoy these pics guys, and let me know in the comments if you happen to find anything else featuring him.

Check out that last pic of him with a couple of others too – is Kirill? Yummy!

More Of Russian Hunk Anton Agat (2) More Of Russian Hunk Anton Agat (3) More Of Russian Hunk Anton Agat (4) More Of Russian Hunk Anton Agat (5)

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