Benjamin Godfre Naked – Again!

We can never get enough of the gorgeous Benjamin Godfre on the blog, and after I told one of my (straight) friends that I thought he looked a lot like him, he sent me these pics of the gorgeous stud and agreed. It seems he went out there on the net looking for the guy to see how right I was, and although I haven’t seen my straight friends dick he assures me that the only difference is that my friend is uncut. Yeah, he’s a fucking tease!

Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 0It’s clear that many of these pics of Benjamin Godfre naked and showing it all off are quite old, from back in a time when he was much younger and before he discovered the fun of the tattoo gun.

I don’t care when pics of him were taken, the guy is drop dead gorgeous whether the pics are from his younger days or now. He has such a unique look about him, and his unusual attitude to sexuality is something that really draws guys in.

I guess he’s mostly straight, but I think it’s obvious from some of the work he’s done for adult sites in recent years (and some mainstream erotic photography too) that he’s pretty secure in his nudity and doesn’t have a problem flashing that cock for gay guys – even the gay guys he appears with in shoots.

He’s like an ideal man for me, not obvious, just really open about loving sex and getting off on the attention from other guys.

Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 1 Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 7 Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 4 Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 2 Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 3 Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 5 Benjamin Godfre Naked - Again 6

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  1. just wanted to say your friend is just as HOTTTT as Benjamin Godfre,he also has a HOTTT cock that needs some attention.

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