Drool-Worthy Caio Cesar

It looks like stunning male model Caio Cesar has been a little oiled up for this shoot by Hudson Taylor, and if that’s the case I think I now have another dream job to add to my list of things I would love to do in my lifetime. Damn, I would be happy just to be present for a shoot like this with such an amazing young man, but being the one to apply some oil to his gorgeous bod would make my dreams come true!

We’ve seen this awesome male model on the blog before of course, and if you haven’t seen him before then you might want to click on the tag and see what else we’ve shared featuring this stunning model.

There’s a lot of him out there these days, and it’s all amazing to check out. I think I might have to have a whole week of posts dedicated to this guy, he’s simply THAT drool-worthy.

Hudson Taylor has done a great job of showing him off in the perfect way for this shoot, but then it would be hard to take a photo of this gorgeous guy that I didn’t like.

There’s only one thing that needs to be said here… Caio Cesar + Underwear = Awesome.

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