Sexy Model Matthew Terry

Sexy Model Matthew Terry

Matthew Terry was just a regular guy from Pennsylvania who dabbled at odd jobs in construction and stocked shelves at his local Acme grocery store before becoming a personal trainer. He also happened to be pretty good looking.

Matthew Terry Shirtless

Here, the small-town boy with the media-savvy mom talks about staying in shape for his new occupation, his weakness for sweets and his secret talent—in case this whole modeling thing doesn’t work out.Men’s Health: What’s one thing that surprised you about modeling that most people
don’t know?
Matthew Terry: How much fun it can be. I always try to talk to the people on set, whether it’s the other models, the photographer, the hair and make-up crew or sometimes the editors from magazines. I try to make it a fun experience, which makes the whole process much easier.
MH: What is your regular exercise regimen and what areas do you primarily focus on?
MT: I generally try to work out four to five days a week, along with any
other small workouts that I do at home during my spare time. Some days I do a full body workout at the gym and other days target specific muscles. I like to focus the most on my core. I try to incorporate it into my workouts every time I exercise.MH: What did you do to get in shape specifically for the campaign?
MT: For the campaign, I really focused on my diet and exercising. I pushed myself harder than I normally would and I switched my workouts to consistent circuit training and isometric training, but still did full body and targeted muscle workouts.MH: With your background as a personal trainer, what are the biggest mistakes you see guys making at the gym?
MT: People not knowing the right technique for an exercise. I’ve suffered a few injuries myself by not using proper technique.

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