Check out the Nude Guys of Spartacus

Nude Guys of Spartacus

Each episode of Spartacus brings its share of bare bodies, copulations and virile fighting … The one broadcast this weekend does not demerit and allows us to admire a sex of imposing size, a prosthesis. Summary of the facts: Badiatus the “dominus” has just bought a new skewer of slaves to make slaves. Ilithyia the friend of the family has the right to choose one to become the maraine. Knowing her taste for sex, Badiatus proposes to rely on the size of their sex to make a choice. They must all fall the loincloth and it is the Gaulois, equipped with an imposing cock that is selected …

Spartacus: buttocks and a big zgeg

Spartacus: buttocks and a big zgeg

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